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A new report from the Korean media claims that Samsung Display is working on new display panels for the 2023 iPhone 15 Pro models featuring under-panel camera tech. The Korean display maker will first use the technology in its 2023 foldable phones before it makes its way to the iPhones.  The report says that Apple plans to use a hole-punch for the camera and implement under-display Face ID along with it on the iPhone 15 Pro models. The tech would be similar to the existing under-panel camera as seen on the likes of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. For the 2022 iPhone 14...

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iPhone 14 Pro Max Dimensions Android Police writer Max Weinbach took to Twitter to share the schematic drawings. The 77.58mm wide iPhone 14 Pro Max could be a narrower smartphone than the 78.1mm wide iPhone 13 Pro Max. The phones will be equally tall, with an imperceptible difference in height. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is said to be 160.7mm tall, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 160.8mm tall. iPhone 14 Pro Dimensions Weinbach also shared the schematics and possible dimensions for the iPhone 14 Pro model. The numbers suggest the phone will be identical to the iPhone 13 Pro. The new...

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This tutorial shows you the various ways to check Activation Lock on iPhone,  If the device is forcefully erased without first turning off Find My, the Activation Lock prevents it from being set up again. On the setup screen, the only way to bypass Activation Lock is by entering the Apple ID password of the last owner. Failing to do so makes setting up the device impossible, rendering it entirely unusable! In other words, when Activation Lock is enabled, the previous owner’s Apple ID password is required before anyone can reactivate and use the device. How to check Activation Lock before buying a...

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